• Bring in a natural predator. Aren't wolves endangered? New source of food for them. If this is inhumane then you better blow up the planet because that's how it is in nature.
  • Culling is a way to keep a healthy population under control. How does branding help? we use freeze branding in UK.for theft prevention, much more humane than hot brand. Starvation and random shooting perhaps by bad marksmen is not a good option.
  • Ahhh, those "celebrities". Always have to have a cause now don't they? I lived in Nevada where there are still problems with the wild horse population. Find a humane way to control the population and what's left should be able to run free.
  • The problem is not that nature cannot support the wild horses, because it can. What ranchers want, and the huge meat industry lobbiests back them for, is so their cattle can have all the free BLM grazing land. That is why they kill wild horses or let them go to dog food slaughter or herd them up into tight pens and forget about feeding and watering them. The ranchers and BLM are the problem, not the horses.

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