• Men keep saying women aren't as visual[and we are!], thay keep saying we don't want sex[and we do!], they keep saying we don't enjoy it like them[we enjoy it more, we have double the nerves and multiple orgasms to prove it!], they keep saying their sex drives our higher[not true!]. I think men say these things to feel sexually superior but we know the truth!!
    • Nosmo King
      I'm a man and I don't say those things, Blondie. Furthermore, I have absolutely no desire to feel "superior" to women, sexually or otherwise. In fact, I prefer to date women who like to feel "superior" to me (sexually or otherwise). So what's with all this tarring all men with that nasty old male chauvinist brush?
  • You're no different, look what you've written. "they keep saying we don't enjoy it like them[we enjoy it more, we have double the nerves and multiple orgasms to prove it!" "they keep saying their sex drives our higher[not true!]" It's you that's saying women are sexually superior to men, not the other way around. I have never heard a man say any of the things you mention here. Men obviously have a higher sex drive than women, this is not "man talk", this is pure biological fact.
    • Nosmo King
      I don't know so much, Omar. I've dated women whose sex drive has been higher than my own. So how do we "obviously" have a higher sex drive than women? Biological fact, my left testicle.
  • ----------- i think you are right about alot of thing all but the sexual thing because girls have what most all boys /men want from the time they are about 11yo boy and it a nice & warm place to park his can in and alot of you girls /woman dont ever open that door for there car to park or they yse that to get to him
    • Nosmo King
      True, but don't forget that we have what the girls want. It takes two to tango, you know.
  • I think the problem is that men & women have different needs sexually at different times in their lives. As a young man it has been scientifically proven that the male libido is higher than that of a young woman (obviously there are exceptions as there always are), however the male libido wanes the older they get. Whereas the female libido starts lower but peaks at an older age.
    • Nosmo King
      In that case, why do a lot of women go for older men?
  • Fact from fiction, truth from diction. In large I would say a woman's sex drive can be that of a man, but because of society PS BS many won't openly admit it. Also that the guys do no stick around long enough to find out. Women are like crockpots while men are like microwaves. He is over and done before many women have a chance to get warmed up, giving the illusion they are not that into it. Also I believe the myths are made by the 80% of men passed over by 95% of the women who chase after the 20% shallow douse men. The only one who has a chance to see the real sexual female is the 20% of men 80% of them chase after.
    • Nosmo King
      Sheesh, what is it with you lot? Men are this, women are that. Generalise, generalise, generalise. What a load of crap! I've always defied those silly stereotypes, and what's more, I'm glad I do. I can't think of anything that would be more depressing than being stuck in a relationship conforming to a silly gender stereotype that conflicts with my own basic nature.
  • Well I hope I am different enough because in the difference lies the mutual appreciation. I don't know that I am as "visual" as men - I can see but most often I close my eyes to feel more. Certainly I am not interested in just looking at pictures the way so many guys are. Would guess men who don't know about multiple Os are those who have not taken enough time with us. So if they say we're not interested if we don't get up there in two seconds and done in three? The way I see it they are only fooling and hurting themselves.
    • Nosmo King
      I don't go around saying women aren't interested if they don't "get up there in two seconds and done in three". That sounds far too much like impatience for my liking, and impatience is one of those human (?) qualities I can't stand. When I get down to the business of pleasure I like to take my good old time and make it last, which I have discovered is what most women seem to want - not a quickie that lasts a few seconds.
  • I don't believe those myths, Blondie. I've been challenging those myths for about 40 years now. I've always stood up for women's rights to do whatever they want to do with their lives. Being male hasn't stopped me from accepting that you are not that different from us.
    • officegirl
      Nosmo blondie44 was on AB some years ago and I chatted with her and answered this same and other of her questions. Though appears my old answers were deleted. Your answer is honorable and that's great. But please try not to be so doctrinaire about it! We are maybe 95% alike but it is that other 5% that makes us different and makes us very interested in one another. I am one of those who says men this and women that because I think it is important for us to have some understanding of one another. So I do talk in generalities but they are just that. Of course I am not trying to sentence us or you to just one set of behavior - goodness there are so many individual differences, as most of us know. The people who want to think that OK we are different and nothing else - just are missing out. So it is their loss brought about by their too rigid thought patterns. blondie44 was making a protest against stereotyping and she overstated the case for emphasis. To me one of our "rights" is to be able to go on a website such as this Q and A site and make general statements about how I see the difference between us. Of course I can't speak for everyone. But I speak from what I have learned from my experience and from that of many men and women that I have known over the years as well as many I have talked with on the former AB. Its fun for me, its interesting and endlessly fascinating to me.

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