• I imagin it hurts a lot.Thinkl about how much it hurts to bite your toung.It would make it hard to eat , to me personally i think it don't look all that good either. You wanna get something cool think about a tattoo
  • I don't have a tongue ring myself, but I've heard about the experience from friends. My friends who have them said that initially it doesn't hurt that much, but afterward it hurts A LOT. The tongue throbs, and it is very painful to eat, talk, drink and swallow until it heals.
  • I had my tongue pierced as well as plenty other piercings. My tongue was deff one of the WORST painful of the piercings I have had done. Some people will not agree but for me it was deff my hardest and most painful piercings. The healing part is no fun either!
  • Be sure to ask what method they will use to do it, one method if you use it will permanently leave a hole in your tongue or so I'm told.
  • I suggest you go for a less painful and uncomfortable zone. It really hurts, it chips off the enamel from your teeth and when you talk, it sounds like you have something in your mouth, which is quite exact, actually. I saw an interesting one in the sternum area, if you want shock value.
  • i bet it hurts, depends on you if its worth it, ive never wanted to get one

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