• I believe the procedure is called knee replacement (assuming this is the same surgery..?). I have known several people who have had the procedure, including my dad, and it was a huge help to every one of them. They seem to last about 15 years (a consideration) and recovery is difficult and requires physical therapy but everyone seemed to feel the recovery was worth it
  • I need a knee replacement or my ortho surgeon wants to give me one and Im avoiding it like the plague. Here is what I know from doctor, reading, and chats with people who have gone through it. 1. It takes away the pain. Which is a beautiful thing. It does not give you superhuman strength. I workout 3x a week and I wanted to jog or run on a treadmill. You cannot do that. To my knowledge you cannot kneel on that knee either. 2. Forever after you must take antibiotics prior to every dental appt. Including cleaning. They do not want infection getting to that knee. 3. You MUST follow directions and you MUST do physical therapy to regain flexibility. If you dont do the exercises you are wasting time having surgery. Good luck!
  • You're going to find a lot of good info but I'm going to bring up something you don't hear much about. What is your general health and physical condition, healing time, and pain tolerance? Do you have comorbidities like Fibromyalgia, diabetes, etc? I ask because my wife has Fibro, is diabetic, 53, and had a total knee replacement in December. She was allowed 2 months pain meds... now nothing. Her knee is an added dose of pain hell for her. I've heard she's lucky she got it before 2018 because its much worse. Factor my questions into your decision because they affect your heal time, outcome, and pain tolerance.
  • Probably since your hip surgeries went well.
  • I'm age 52 White Male and got 2 bad knees and trying to lose 76 lbs cause I want get rid of the Diabetes and more control over my Arthirtis ?

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