• Electric garage door openers are a great modern-day convenience that you miss when they are broken. Luckily, garage door openers are machines and machines can be repaired when broken. Follow these simple repair and maintenance steps to increase the life of your garage door opener.


    The first step in repairing your garage door opener is identifying the problem. If the door opener is not responding to your remote control or mounted button push, make sure the cord is securely plugged into an operating electrical outlet. Wait at least 10 minutes for a motor that has become overheated by a binding door and try to open it again. If the garage door raises but will not close, take a look and make sure that the beam sensor is plugged to a working outlet and aligned correctly based on the owner's manual directions. If the opener operates by remote but will not operate by the hard-wired button, look for loose connections. Also pay attention to the wiring and look for damage or stripped wires. If the remote control does not work, check the battery or batteries. Make sure the antenna is placed outside of the garage door opener housing. If the opener runs but won't open the door, look for wear of the worm gear or the sprocket of the chain drive. Pull the disengage cord to reset the catch.

    Maintenance and Repair

    The following tips should help you resolve garage door issues: Remove and clean dirty hinge rollers with a chemical degreaser. Replace each assembly before removing the next. Take your time and don't get ahead of yourself. Lubricate the roller bearings and roller shaft of your door opener with household oil every six months. Make sure to remove any debris from the track. Debris in the track can bind up your entire system. Check and adjust the door lock bar every three months. Adjust the lock bar by loosening its screws and moving the guide bracket up or down. Always be sure to tighten any screws that you loosen. Test the operation with your remote and your hard-wired mounted button. Make sure that the unit is operating smoothly and not binding or catching. Note that a misaligned track can cause your unit to fail. Adjusting the track with a rubber mallet can be an effective solution.


    To diagnose and repair your garage door opener, you will need a few important tools. Have wrenches, screwdrivers, a degreasing agent (kerosene is effective) and a mallet at hand before starting your job. Check the manual included with your system to determine proper tool sizes.


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