• A Pug!! I just find them repulsive ! sorry to all the pug lovers out there. +5
  • There is no dog I would rule out just because of the breed. I don't generally care for small dogs but if I found one that had a great personality than breed would be no barrier. We all have our prejudices however. Aussie cattle dogs are in my estimation the greatest damned dogs in the world! haha
  • I'm partial to dachshunds, poms, shepherds & domermans, but I can't think of a breed that I would automatically stay away from.
  • Great Dane! Their appetite is MORE than mine which means their grocery bill is, too!
  • Bulldogs. Or any dog bred so far from the norm that they have severe health issues for human vanity. We should be ashamed of ourselves for forcing these deformities on them. It is like Chinese foot binding, only on a more defenseless being than a human female. It really upsets me to see this continued in a world that considers itself so aware and enlightened.
  • I can't imagine ever getting a Chihuahua or a Shitzu... they're not real dogs!
  • Boxer dog! they have many health problems through being over bread! same again for King Charles spaniels!! :-/ also English bull dogs too!
  • A husky. I live by someone who has 4 of them and they are freaking annoying. My ex had two who were disobedient, annoying, fought all the time and above all, were just stupid. I understand that the behavior of a dog is often a result from the training given and the owner's behavior. But I've never met a husky I liked. They are just too stubborn, annoying and, again, just stupid. All the ones I've ever met, at least.
  • One from a PET STORE, since there is a very strong probability that it came from a PUPPY MILL and I would have to go DOGLESS (horrible thought to me) rather than give THOSE SOB's one penny of my money.... Other than that.....I'm pretty open minded...I tend to shy away from rather a few American bred lines, because thanks to Disney film...there are a fair number of different breeds that have been indiscriminately bred and now have more physical or behavioral challenges than ones from bloodlines outside of the USA. Very sad...I generally like Mutts a lot
  • I couldn't agree more with Redhawk. Unless I get a rescue or a dog from a shelter, I want to see the dog's parents and know he isn't from a puppy mill or sold too early to a pet store. You don't get well raised up, good genetics, sound dogs and good temperament from pet stores, or so rarely that it's just too risky to look for a pet that you plan on adopting into your family for years to come.
  • I would never get a dog from a designer or fad breed, like a malti-poo, labradoodle, york-chi, etc. Only puppy mills, BYB's and pet stores offer those kinds of dogs. Shame on them.
  • A greyhound. I would have to use a shovel to clean up their doggy doo.
  • Any pedigree animal. The pedigree industry is sick.

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