• Who's name is on the registration?.
  • what about the title? is that in your name? why exactly do they want your paycheck? are you not keeping up with your payments? there is so much you have to tell us before anybody can give you some help besides "just give your parents the money."
  • Record a conversation where they make these threats. Then tell them NO and tell them about the recording. If they try their plan you can show they were attempting to extort money from you.
  • Don't mean to disrespect you or your parents but they're full of sh*t. The title of your ride is under your name to. As long as the payments are up to date then they don't got any reason to bother you about it. Get proof of what their doing and if they go to the cops you have proof of extortion. Don't worry you can't steal your own car.
  • Whose name is on the title to the car?
  • College IMO is the responsiability of the parent. Some may disagree but I do belive that stands up in a court of law. Unless you are like 30 or something and just started back to school. If you went to college straight out of High School, I do believe they may be responsiable for it. You might want to look that up. Paying your car payment and your insurance comes first! Late fees and cancelled insurance gets you no where. Your name is on the car, it's yours too and they cannot accuse you of stealing it, nor can they make you miss a car payment and insurance so they have an excuse to take the car when you miss it. sorry you have to go through this. =(
  • Do you have receipts from where you pay ? ALWAYS get receipts ; and pay with a Postal Money order , NOT CASH !! Once you've collected a couple receipts , You've got your proof that you are Paying .... Also; If you have copies of the Loan papers where it is in your name ... Hold on to them ... as evidence that it is in your name ... How is the vehicle registered ? IF it is registered in YOUR name ; there is NOTHING they can do ? However; If it is registered in THEIR name ... then you would need to retain an attorney to get things straightened out for you ... Go see legal aid .. all counties have one !! Hopefully; you can get out of that house if you are living under such threats ... not a good situation to be in .... Best of luck to you .... +5
  • what matters is whose name the title is in first. i hope you made all payments with check or you kept the receipts the bank gave you. consider the high cost of lawyers and court costs if possible give the car back and say keep it and buy one on your own. +5
  • Well it would mostly depend on who's name was primary and who's name was secondary on the lein. IF you are primary owner and your parent was secondary or co-signer, and you indeed do make the payments, the title is in your name as well as the insurance there is nothing your parents can really do.
  • maybe you should change it so its only on your name
  • Who is the car registered to? If it's in your name, tell her to go ahead and call the fuzz. If it's in her name, you'll run into some issues. Who pays for it and all that is a civil matter and the cops don't mess with that stuff.
  • Who is the car loan through? If you didnt get the loan from your parents and the car is registered in your name you are safe. If the car loan is being paid back to your parents you better have receipts that they ate getting the payments.
  • Your parents are bluffing. If you are making payments on the car and they said you stole it then THEY could be arrested for filing a false police report.
  • All of that is irrelevant. It comes down to who's name is on the registration & title.
  • maybe you should talk to the police about all this
  • If the note has your name on it, then the registration and title should too. They are simply part owners in the car and you have as much right to it as they do. They don't have any claim on your paychecks. You are an adult now.
  • as long as you make the car payments, you're good. don't give in to their blackmail and just ignore them. it's what they deserve. on the other hand this could be their way of trying to see you. but you know them better than we do. you're not living with them at 18 for a reason.
  • I'd expect your choices are: (1.) Give them the money (2.) Give them the car, and stop making payments. (3.) Talk to a lawyer and see what your options are. Beyond that I'd advise to sever ALL contact with them permanently. The old adage says that you cannot choose your family, but I would say you sure as hell can choose whether or not to endure the BS of toxic relationships.

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