• I can definitely relate when it comes to acne scars! You think they will never go away...which they may not completely but for me they have faded alot with a few simple tricks. Using vitamin E oil at night really helped texture of my skin and helped to smooth the scares. Also exfoliating every morning and wearing sunscreen helped alot over time. It takes a long time for them to fade almost completely but they will get better I promise. :)
  • 9-15-2017 Scar tissues form when the body does not have enough oxygen to grow normal tissues. Vitamin E reduces the need for oxygen. Get "Pure Vitamin E Skin Beauty Oil" at the cosmetics counter. Be sure it says "Pure". You can also use capsules by poking a hole with a pin and squeezing the oil out. Vitamin E has to soak in, so put it on when you can leave the skin bare for a while.

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