• You can challenge it in court and if the cop doesn't show it'll be thrown out. If he does show, you're pretty much screwed for the cost of the ticket and court fees. Why would a judge believe you instead of a police officer? Nothing personal, but they just won't. Get a lawyer if you're so insistent. He can get it dismissed, but is it really worth the cost?
  • I got two tickets within a week in Alabama, one in a construction zone. I hired an attorney. Googled and found one that does nothing but speeding tickets and dui in the state of alabama. She got me off on both tickets an kept them off my record. She just knew the prosecutors and so took care of it before it even got to the judge. Cost me $1,500, total fees and court costs. Plus two driving schooIs. I considered it a bargain.
  • If you challenge in court, it's often a good idea to change the court date, the venue too (cops generally write down the one easiest for them), and it generally makes it more likely that the cop won't show up. Of course you CAN challenge in court, but what exactly happened? Air craft (what kind) spotted you going you 83 in a 70 zone, alerted ground patrol who pulled you over and wrote you a ticket? And said you admitted to speeding? Unless it's written down that the cops said you admitted it, that won't do you much good. Who did the cop lie to exactly? If the cop just said it to you, then, what?

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