• Yes you can as long as the side kick is T mobile compatable.
  • yes you can as long as the sidekick is tmobile compatible
  • You can use a T-Mobile SIM card in any T-Mobile branded device. The Sidekick is only sold by T-Mobile, so all Sidekicks work with T-Mobile SIM cards. The issue is that if you want to use anything other than voice services with a Sidekick, you will need to contact T-Mobile to have them code the IMEI of the Sidekick into your account and to add a Sidekick data plan for your (there is a monthly charge for this plan). If you don't add the plan, you will not be able to use the Sidekick for messaging of any kind or accessing the internet. The Sidekick only works for data through a Sidekick server that T-Mobile runs and if you don't have the data plan, it won't work for data or messaging. T-Mobile has no issue in setting this up for you, just give them a call. Thanks. SukiSue
  • not sure, maybe you need to ask them that

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