• Use an electric blanket.
  • 1- Check the temperature of the home you will be sleeping in. Your parents or spouse may like the home colder than you do. 2- Wear some lightweight pajamas instead of sleeping in your underwear. The added layer will keep you warm and heavy pajamas aren't as comfortable. 3- Down is the lightest and warmest product on the earth. Use down pillows and a down comforter with a 600-800 fill power. The best down is made from cold weather geese. 4- Keep a down hat on hand. You can lose up to 70% of your body heat through the head. If you are still too cold, use a down hat. 5- If your spouse likes it warmer than you, use your own down blankets. Your spouse may never like a warm blanket on them. You should accept that and use your own down comforter.
  • Eat food that will give you gas...
  • At least 3 blankets, including a thick quilt of fabric or down. It is a good and healthy feeling keeping warm by your own trapped heat while the surrounding air gets cold.
  • Migrate to a warmer country. Or maybe less drastically put some more blankets on.
  • blankets & comfy long pajamas! or you can buy a heater that has designated time slots to come on & off so you don't bake overnight :)
  • A blanket would help.
  • Electric blanket works for me.

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