• A photo of a happy memory, a pebble/rock/or stone that you find from someplace special, and a "sad day" mix CD.
  • Chocolates!
  • the song "come on eileen" or "in view" by the tragically hip always cheers me up!!
  • crystals .. quartz , fluorite, rose quartz , smokey quartz . black obsidian. (repells /absorbs)negative energy ) and lavendar buds ;-).
  • I always found it comforting to sort through the box I have in the basement with whatever it is I kept from my childhood. I wind up doing it every 7 years or so. Mostly when I move for my job. I have things in there my grandmother, my grandfather, mother,and father. All small things and I still remember the time the gift was given. I am sure they mean more to me now than they did in when I first got them.
  • Do you have some kind of ongoing problem or are you just not able to deal with day-to-day life?
  • I've said it on here a million times - the song "Another one bites the dust" does it for me every time. If I'm feeling lathargic then its the song "The Stranger" by Billy Joel
  • Gosh, I wish you were not so sad :( Everything will be all right! Make a mix CD of the most upbeat/uplifting music you enjoy. When the blues hit; just crank it up! :)
  • Pixie stixx
  • -a bible or some sort of Inspirational Book you can pull out to read -a cd of your fav "make-me-smile-songs" -a dvd or two of your fav comedy to make you laugh -photographs of good memories to pull out and reminince (sp?) over -a few spare dollars to pull out for ice cream
  • That is a cute idea. Here are some things you can add: 1. Pictures of friends and loved ones. 2. A small container of your favorite tea or drink mix 3. A small book of your favorite quotes (you can either buy one or make one of your own). 4. A small bag of Lindt truffles or assorted chocolates. Chocolate solves everything! 5. A favorite DVD You can also decorate the box, perhaps by painting it or decoupaging it with pictures cut from magazines.
  • some really positive affirmations that resonate for you, there are many to choose from ; eg: I am powerful and strong, I am loving and loved I am worthy of good and great things I attract all good things to me and around me I am a divine being of light and love, good comes to me I am a magnet of manifestation I manifest what I desire in my life definitely something to make you laugh, maybe a dvd, or some pictures of something that you remember as fun, some things that could be a lot worse than where you are now........ something you really want to achieve and look forward to, some pics of good friends.......... its hard when you do feel down, but also remember, 'this too will pass'..........
  • crystals polished stones copies of funny comics a joke book
  • ipod with your favorite music phone number for your mom or best friend something to read that lifts your spirits
  • * Chocolate kisses * Pictures of the people and pets you love! * A happy song CD, make sure to put "Dont Worry (Be Happy) on it, seriously, that song makes me very happy >_< * Scented candles or incense * Really great body lotion (and the boyfriend whos job it is to apply it!) Feel better :( **Hugggssssss**
  • Pictures --> print out friends avatars
  • Seriously. Death announcements of people you like. The Tsunami headline. The 9/11 headline. Stuff like that. You'll look at all that stuff and say, "Sheeit. It's not as bad as I was thining!"

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