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  • Well honestly..if youre pretty sure the new person isbetter...and the passion is there..then it would be lying to yourself to stick with your actual.
  • you say you love your girlfriend or boyfriend and are satisfied,well really why would you be worried about meeting someone else as you are happy and satisfied .so you would not have any reason to want to leave them.
  • When I'm with my girlfriend, that means I love her, and that means that I'll stick with her no matter what. And your question seems to be a contradictio in adiectio to me.
  • The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence! If you're looking for contentment in life I think it's a good idea to accept what you have, if you're happy and there are no major problems. You don't know if the other person will be better in the long term, and you'd take a bit of a risk by leaving a good relationship for one that might, or might not, be as good. I guess it depends on how serious the current relationship is. If you're young and don't want to be tied down then you might want to leave what you have and play the field a bit. Perhaps a good test would be to ask yourself how you'd feel if you left what you have and the new relationship didn't work out. Would you be full of regrets?
  • I would really make a great good comparison and predict what would happen in the future. And if they even feel the same way and if you really like her and you want to end it then tell her it
  • i would stick with who i was with and just leave the new person alone, theres history and passion between you and who your with and lifes short so if you want to explore then go ahead but personally i wouldent do it

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