• I don't. Unless, that is, they are mean-spirited believers.
  • nope i believe
  • I count as friends many believers whom I respect a great deal. Reveal hatred, hypocrisy and show a lack of respect for those with other beliefs and I will call it what it is every time. I cannot respect those sorts of people at all.
  • I make every attempt to not belittle or mock someones faith. I may disagree, but I do understand that faith is a valuable thing to many people, I won't attempt to knock them for it. I have been guilty of pointing out the fact to some that want to pick and choose what parts of the bible to live by and what parts not to. If you are a christian, then live what you are attempting to preach to others first.
  • i dont make fun of anybody's religious beliefs - but it might be amusing to me if you are a real nut case about your beliefs LOL It is usually live and let live unless you wake me up on a sunday morning wanting to chat about it - then i will tell you off - and call the cops
  • I'm agnostic and I belittle neither believers nor non-believers. I do tend to take the mick out of people who ask facile questions about politics though.
  • We must be careful with our definitions. If by "people of faith", you mean people who believe in a non-material Higher Power (let's call it 'God' for shorthand), but who are modest in their beliefs and accept that their understanding of 'God' may be incomplete, than I think you will find the overwhelming majority of ABers have no problem with them. If by "people of faith", you mean people who believe that have discovered the One True Path to God, and that everyone must follow that path or suffer dire consequences (either in current life or the Afterlife), then I think you will find many ABers (including myself) resistant to that notion. Furthermore, it is often the case that the latter form of 'people of faith' have a very poor or selective understanding of their own religious traditions. This makes them ripe fodder for ridicule.
  • I know God. I have no problem with atheists on this site. If you try and be honest and respectful that is what you may get back. I choose a path of no judgment here.
  • There are plenty. The people who belittle are the more obvious ones on either side of a religious debate.
  • I do not belittle the people, it is some of the religion that I have an issue with. I ask questions, which can sometimes lead into a debate. I never make fun of anyone for their beliefs, I may not agree with them, but it is their choice to believe what they want.
  • I'm sure I have so I don't think I can say I don't. However, I try to keep in the very forefront of my mind the fact that I'm just as ignorant as everybody else. Where I try to focus on what sounds realistic or logical, someone else uses gut instinct or emotion to make decisions. It's not really my place to tell them they're wrong, especially since I can't prove the nonexistance of god. However, the way I see it is that the believers are asserting a position and it's their job to prove themselves right. . So, although I'm pretty sure I have belittled believers, I am sorry for it and I do make an effort not to. Sometimes my emotions do get the better of me though and as you already know, I'm only human.
  • I try not to. I used to be a person of faith myself, so I can see where alot of them are coming from. If they say something that strikes me as absolutely ridiculous, though, I'll be tempted to say something, and I have in the past. I know it's not friendliest thing to do...
  • To quote "Blinded By the Light"- "But, momma, that's where the fun it." But no I won't belittle but I'll gladly battle. Especially those with inflamatory questions posed in a way so as not to look like that they are being bastards. I hate that.
  • I try my damnedest to not belittle anyone for what they believe in. It is honestly none of my business who or what they worship and their reasons for worshiping. I mind my own business as long as they mind theirs. It is the pushy believers that grind away at my patience. I can only take it so much before I snap. If someone is open minded and patient with me, then that is how I respond. If they are pushy, stubborn, and close minded, then I wont be so nice. ;-)
  • It goes both ways. Are there any believers who are not compelled to foist their exact brand of deity, in an exact image, with an exact messiah, upon the rest of us?
  • I don't do it in a serious way most of the time, I joke around, and when I am serious, it's because I'm stating opinions and facts, which I'm allowed to do because I have a mouth and I'm a human being. That's something we're all allowed to do. So you can call it belittling, but I'm calling it a right lol.
  • Lol, this is like the fifth such question I have seen in the past 3 days ;p

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