• Not since I learned to extract the truth from the scriptures... NO imagery...Exodus 20: 4,5 NO equality...Jehovah and Jesus are father and son, but NOT equal...' After all, Jesus humbly prayed to his father for guidance. Having the same compassion should not be considered as being the same personage. NO trinity. Humbleness of his followers...Could the extravagant robes of the Pope be considered humble? And are you putting all your trust into Jehovah by travelling in a bulletproof ' Popemobile'? Most all of the religious offshoots who follow some or all of Catholicism are wrong...and have to be part of " Babylon the Great." Where a downfall is coming...Revelation 14:8...17:5...18:2... Need we go further?
    • ReiSan
      The Bible is merely crude primitive fiction hand has little truth in it.
  • The only spirits that actually exist are found in alcoholic drinks. If I drink too much, I suffer from a hangover. Moderate drinking of liquor prevents any such disorders caused by ingestion of excess alcoholic spirits.

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