• A new home, because plumbing, electrical wires, and all the other components like the toilet and the sinks will have a longer life ahead, less chance to have to call an expensive repairman after a few months of moving into the house.
  • If money was not an issue, I would buy an older home and spend some time fixing it up. That way I could put a lot of time into it and make it my own.
  • Well, older these days is kind of a broad term in real estate. Where I live older is 5 years or older. If you are talking 20 years old compared to a new home, well then the new home would be the buy. But if was a new home against a 5 year old home, the 5 year old home probably would be the buy. But this depends on a lot of things.
  • In my neighborhood, most of the houses were built in the early 1900's. I love it, each house is different and special. No two look the same and becuase it's "histroic" the property is nice and centrally located. I'd go for an older home and remodel and update the look. Old is beautiful and unique to me.
  • I generally like older homes because they have more character.
  • I love older homes (as in 75+ years and older) - I dig the feel, the energy, of them. So, I would be more inclined to buy an older house, and hire a company that specializes in green renovations to make it more energy-efficient.

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