• 12, before that my older brother or sister had to be home too.
  • About 10 or so for a couple of hours. Never opened the door for any caller. Some of the characters who rang the bell were the knife sharpener, the umbrella guy and Sam. "Sam who?" "Sam. Sam the pickle man!"
    • lavender
      haha Sam the pickle man.
  • cant rennennber but when nny brother was 10 he'd watch us, nne and nny twin sister were 7 and nny other brother was 4
  • I don't remember being alone since I had a lot of siblings, but when I was 12 the older ones were gone and I had to be a full time babysitter (at least 9 hours a day) to my little brother who was 1 while my mom worked during the summer and after that I had babysitting responsibilities around school. And no, I never got a red cent for doing it!
  • I don't remember but I was between 8 and 10. That was over 70 years ago I just don't remember for sure.
    • lavender
      Gotcha. That seems to be about average among people I know.
  • I was around ages 9 or 10.

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