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  • I think "true/real" love is worth the risk. Caution/discretion must be exercised of course; one's heart must be guarded-Prov 4:23. Prayer and proper judgment are vital. The same mistakes can't be repeated. Most likely there were a bunch of red flags leading up to a break-up. Take the time to heal, then get back out there!
  • Love does NOT hurt...IF it does, then it is NOT the right love!!! Love is the MOST beautiful feeling in the world. I feel obligated to point out that just because you feel you love somebody, it does NOT necessarily mean it is the person you're supposed to spend the rest of your life with. It took me 50 years to find my "real" love. I felt love for many in the meantime. Once I found my TRUE love, it was NOwhere near the same was sooo much BETTER!!! ALL the pain from the past simply melted away!!! There's a HUGE difference between "I love you" & "WE love each other"!!! When love starts to hurt, it's time to back off!!!

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