• Some of us just go to hell when misery and despair gets us by the throat and we can't shake it off.
  • Getting burned and hurt will turn you bitter.
  • For being able to turn the opposite side: happy and sweet! Remember: Everything could exist alongside with its anti-creation!
  • sometimes people a dealt cruel blows through life and some people recover to live there life happy but some people just do not recover from set backs in life and become frustrated and bitter with life we are all so different and it is a part of life that will never change sad but true
  • Experience. Not all of us go through life with a lobotomy.
  • Life was merely a scapegoat, those bitter people had it in them all along, they were just waiting for an excuse.
  • It could be so many things. Abuse, pain, mental problems, disapointments, health issues, anger, etc..
  • my ma always said lifes like a box of chocolates
  • D' you think my ex will ever tell me the REAL reason he cheated on me? 15 years and my Ex hasn't. she is 10 years younger, and she traded my ass in on a 23 year old for my 40th birthday, moved 200 miles to be with him took the 2 kids and when he would not bite, picked up a 17 y/o busboy she worked with. I put it down to not liking being the Jr. Partner.
  • Because there are very few people who weren't beaten as children, told they can achieve their dreams while being given ample space to make necessary, life-building mistakes, and as such, were able to accomplish an appropriate number of the tasks they had undertaken toward success. In sum, very few people have good parents.
  • I don't think there is any one reason. I think some turn that way, some are born that way, Sometimes it's selfishness and other times it's extreme emotional pain. Two people can go through the identical experience and one will come out unscathed and the other will be bitter and hateful. I don't think you can answer this question with one blanket cause.
  • Because life sucks. +5
  • It's the lies. "Santa Claus is dead" "Girls will like you. Be yourself" "Honesty is the best policy" "The harder you work the better you are" Oh, I could go on. I don't mind things being the way they are, I only hate that you have to figure out that the majority of it is lies.
  • People shouldn't blame life for their own inability to handle it and to adapt to it. Evolution must go on, sorry.. ;)
  • Some people have crap lives, perhaps being constantly abused, and many people don't achieve their dreams and have to live unfulfilled lives devoted to work they have little or no interest in. People are born without any choice in the matter and then have to live according to rules they may not agree with for the rest of this unasked for existence.
  • I guess sometimes I go around thinking, I could have acheived this and this if only things were so and so... But istead it was like this and that, and I ended up just tired and confused and nowhere... and now it's too late... so I realize that I'm nothing special after all, and then I think but if I did so and so, perhaps I could still make something of myself, be what I wanted to be, what I was born to be (overdramatic music in the background), but then again I remember I'm really nothing special. ;)

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