• Tell him you are leaving one time and then do it. Next time he'll shut up or leave him again. Eventually he will learn.
  • Go! If you stand there he can assume that you didn't really have to go at all.
  • How hard is it to say I'll see ya tomorrow, I gotta run and walk away.
  • I've been there. All you want to do after work is to go home, and a chatty co-worker is so annoying. If you have tried saying you have to go and he still keeps talking, there is not much else you can do but walk away. I would say once more, firmly, "look, I'm sorry, but I have to go", and then just walk away, even if he continues to talk. This may seem rude, but him continuing to talk when you have been clear you have to go is also rude. You could also have a conversation with him about it. Tell him that you enjoy talking to him, but your life is busy and your schedule demands you leave work on time. Maybe (if you don't mind the guy) you could spend a lunch hour with him or go out for drinks once in awhile after work. This would let him know it is not him, but your schedule that doesn't allow for after work conversations. Good luck.
  • Why do you stay and listen? As long as you are going to stay he is goign to think you are interested. Simply say, " I have to go, see you tomorrow" and then leave.
  • I'm rude enough to just walk off if they don't get the message the first time. Sometimes, you just have to be. :/
  • Write him a letter. Tell him you have to write him a letter because you cannot get a word in edgewise and he is being inconsiderate holding you hostage like this. Tell him you like him as a person a lot and you need to leave after work. That is your routine, not his. You have to live your life the way you want it and this kind of crap can make you want to quit your job after awhile. Tell him you don't want to talk politics and certainly not after working all day. He needs to give you your space. If he gets mad, well it's still better than what you are going through now.
  • If you act like you are interested you will seduce him to the point where you could manipulate him into doing whatever you want.
  • tell him that you could care less, but not by much. From here I would need to know which side of the batters box he stands in. If he is of the right wing ... tell him that you would pay money to see Bill O'Rielly, Chris Wallace, and Rush Limbaugh is a 3 way gay porn with a Glen Beck doll.
  • Is this guy single? It's possible that he's lonely and wants your company. But, even married people don't rush home after work everyday. I've had colleagues like this as well. They don't have much of a home life, or social life, so they bond with the people they work with. It could be that he enjoys talking to you, or he's just a bit to long winded. Either way, you'll have to find a way that doesn't offend him, or make you feel guilty for not wanting to talk to him after work. Good luck!
  • dude, just get a spine and tell him that you have to go... and then start walking away. once he sees your back getting smaller and smaller he'll stop talking!
  • Just be blunt: Would you shut the f*ck up, I gotta go!!
  • Don't stop. Keep walking. Even keep the conversation going as you're walking backwards. In seconds yor're to far away to talk.
  • say you have to go (just once) and keep walking, dont stop. If he keeps talking, HE is the one being rude, not you.
  • Tell him you don't care about talking politics. OR you can set your cellphone to an alarm that sounds like an incoming call you can "answer" your phone and just start walking away and tell him it's a private call.
  • When he comes to you, just hold a news peper or books. or just say to him yes or no to till he ends his talk, then he'll know that, your'e not showing any interest on his talk. Or find a quiet place and sit over there. Whoever not used to talk too much, it's like irreation to them. But some people used to talk too much makes you headache too. Who talks too much don't work or do nothing, just wasting your time, and creats lots of troubles. It happened to me may times too.
  • Just smile and say I gotta go and start walking away...and keep walking "Talk to you later" just keep walking.
  • Start coughing. And while doing that start running outside as if you need to spit or throw up. Then leave. or you can fart.
  • Just talk right through him while getting up and say, "right mate, i've gotta dash because I'm decorating the flat and we've got friends coming for the weekend..." or similar bullshit.
  • Just say you have to go - AND GO. You're not his listening slave, If you can't stand up for yourself - have someone call you and stand up for the caller's need to see you or maybe get someone to call him and leave while he's busy

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