• Really???? I don't smoke but I know a lot of people that do and none of them ever have to poop when they smoke!! I have never even heard of that.
  • Its worse in the am when one has a smoke and a cup of coffee
  • I never have... although my sister, my ex, and her ex all use it in the morning to keep them regular! So there must be loads more out there who react the same way too.
  • if you rely on a cigarette to shit that's sad
  • Yeah, I think it's common. It seems like any stimulant, such as nicotine or caffeine will set my system moving.
  • yeah i get that sometimes as well
  • Just you? ;-)
  • No but i have had a cigareet and pooped at the same time.
  • no its not just you.
  • It takes more than a cig to make me go. Usually the second cup of coffee in the morning does the trick.
  • It is a very common side effect. Many people who quit smoking report just the opposite effect of constipation. The direct physiological link between cigarrette smoking and bowel movements has never been established, but I suspect it is related to vasoconstriction in the small intestines which causes a light cramping sensation and a down-stream ripple effect to the large intestine. If you suffer IBS (irritable bowel syndrom), the effect may likely be more pronounced, and should be addressed from that point for treatment. ****Comments are not from medical professional.
  • I wouldn't know I don't smoke
  • Yep. If it is first thing in the morning and I've had my usual two mugs of industrial strength coffee, watch out toilet. Factor in a curry from the night before and all hell breaks loose (I sounds like a brass band trying to slaughter an elephant in the bog. I@ve had neighbours banging on the wall).
  • I don't think so. Otherwise the front of my work building will be full of poop.
  • it's pretty common unless you're a heavy smoker who has built up a tolerance to the carbon monoxide, the formaldehyde, the ammonia and the cyanide present in most any cigarette. It's your body trying to evacuate all that it can to deal with eliminating the toxins. There's a anatomical name for this response, but I can't remember it right now.
  • What's "poo"? Is that anything like "poop"? If it is, why not say "poop"? If it isn't, I don't know what you mean.
  • man your werid who feels like poo when they smoke in that case dont smoke or smoke when ur done eating so you could eat again and again lol
  • It's not just you. It helps me go. If I don't smoke for a couple days I find it is much harder to go. lol ;)

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