• Why should you bother at all! They are both Ex's. Any hits they make can't affect you in any way.
  • Maybe it has absolutely nothing to do with you.
  • Here's the thing...they both loved loved each of them. So they have something in Maybe they have a lot in common. I don't think they're bonding for the purpose of hurting you..maybe they're bonding because they like each other. I know..go figure! :) ((hugs))
  • Run for the Hills buddy the nasty stuff is coming back up the toilet! it will be subtle and before you know it your covered in it! Find reasons to be without the new lady so much if she brings anything up that hints of the ex in any way! You have to take care of yourself!
  • They are both ex's. Who cares. Maybe they just sit around bitching about you. Now if they make your current girlfriend a facebook buddy, I'd start to worry.
  • I have read other answer and your comments to those answer... I would have to say yes it is hitting below the belt. Since your ex-girlfriend was such a "female dog" when your relationship ended, I would not see a reason to trust that her intentions are innocent. Want me to make her disappear? +4
  • Pardon me for saying so, but isn't it a little self-centred of you to be assuming it has anything to do with you? So, one was 'mean' during the breakup. So what? Lots of people are. You chose each of these women to have relationships with. If they are talking about you to each other, hey, that's life - you live with the consequences of your choices.
  • better get prepared for some airing of "dirty laundry"....whether it be true or not, mean folks can be mean just because they love to be.. It might be nothin...but...hmmm I would have my red flags flyin for sure.. But southern man...if you are good on how you treated the relationship then let it go and move up up and away...
  • Possibly..but it may also be a case of they have just moved on :D
  • They're probably going to organize a dart tournament with pictures of you on the dartboards !! Are either of them into Voodoo ?? LOL +5
  • Welllll Cotton, they do have something in common. They had you and now they dont. Probably just sharing 'horror' stories and trying to justify it to themselves. Stop giving it any more thought. You moved on. Perhaps they didnt yet.
  • Don't let it bother you Cotton. According to one of your comments, it's been a year since you broke up with her. Let the past stay in the past. I'm certain they have not become BFF's, lol....+5
  • A Cotton Bash, your going to need a few beers for this one.
  • Hehe, if they can get your current gf to join it'd be like the opening scene of Macbeth!
  • Like in the case of the guy whose wife got together with his mistresses and they super glued his member? That was below the belt.

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