• The scenario is that the program somehow prompts a user for some input, which is not purely numeric. This could be a name, an address, search terms, etc. That input is a series of characters in a specific order and is called a string. Inside of the program that asked for the string, you can consider this an "input string", because it is input by the user.
  • In everday words, "string input" is input in the form of a sentence. It doesn't have to BE a complete could be any (or no) combination of letters, numbers, words or other characters. When using numbers, you are generally using them in a literary form and do not intend on doing math to them. The following: "Hello" "Chris is 7 years old" " I-enjoy-hypenating-things" "[||[&&^#" "190500" Are all strings. As stated above, "193526" does not mean One-hundred ninety-thousand, Five means 190500, as if you were reading it in a book, not punching it into a calculator. Compare this to a char (character) which is a single character value. You cannot store more than one character at a time. Strings are a special data type for dealing with large numbers of characters, and making it easy to add, delete, or otherwise modify the stuff contained in them. Basically, they are a better version of character-arrays (if you have learned about hose yet).

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