• no that's wrong cuz if she stared shaving her legs she will have black hair in her leg belive me
  • Well , i am 13 and i started shaving when i was 10 because the hairs on my legs were queit dark, and they were embarrasing lol so umm yeah i would let my child start shaving their legs at the age of 10.
  • A girl should start shaving her legs when the hair on her legs starts to get coarse and dark ; which can be quite embarassing to a young lady ... +5
  • If they are dark or visible, let her shave.
  • If she's that precocious, there's no harm in it. But she'll have to continue shaving for the rest of her life. I should think she would want to postpone the necessity. When I lived in Louisiana, my neighbour had a moustache, dark and very visible. She did nothing, just left it dark. But most Cajun women have facial hair, so I suppose it didn't bother her. Oh, and she didn't shave her legs or armpits either.
  • When mine were growing up at around 13 I bought them an electric razor -- I forbade the use of razor blades.
  • With something like this, I'd let her do as she wishes, Fair Lady. There's no actual harm in it. She doesn't technically have to start shaving at's simply a cultural thing. If the hair is course, or getting color to it, then I can understand that she would want to start shaving. Young girls are often eager to experience being young women :) +5
  • I know some girls that have started at age 10... It can be that they are embarrassed because older women don't have them, and that they don't want to feel different (also could be that since their mom doesn't have the hair; they don't want it), but could also be that they want to experience being a young woman. However, it could be something a little worse... See, sadly kids are being exposed to adult-hood and the sexuality involved a little too early. What I mean is by a girl knowing that most guys like to touch a girl's legs and likes them to be smooth. I can understand why Thriftymaid would forbid her children of razor blades, so there's some stubble. For some, it's a bit of a turn-off... Well, for those that are young and immature (which is the point). As you get older, though, you can understand if a woman has a little bit of stubble, if she's been busy with things or if there's a lack in money to buy razors and a need for things more important and necessary. I hope this helps. :)
  • What age should she? There is no should, I am 47 and don't shave my legs, I haven't since I was very young, and no, they are not hairy monsters. It seems way to much attention is paid to looks these days and what some think is good looking. At 12 she is better off focusing on her studies.
  • I think I was around 12 or 13. About the same time I started my period. If she wants to I don't think it would be harmful for her to start.
  • I say whenever they are visible specially if she wears shorts,dresses,skirts often to school. some of us girls are more harry than others or develop the hairs quicker than others. My mother let me shave till i was like 14 man it was embarrasing being in physical education doing jumping jacks and my armpit hairs showing!ewwww and my legs gosh i always wore the warm-ups...i wanted 2 wear shorts but i was embarrased for the other girls to make fun of me. Hair is embarrasing and we as ladies should groom properly.

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