• There will be a shortage of jobs and she'll need to live with me until I die.
  • That they will end up the kind of person that will mooch off of people, I have people on my paternal side that do that horribly. That I didn't teach them morals, that they will be molested, get killed, that they will end up living on welfare for their entire lives, etc. Need I go on, lol.
  • If the kids do not pay more attention to education as in the future life will be very competititve.
  • +4pts. I worry that our past will haunt them in terms of the enviornment. +4pts.
  • I am worried about her financial future. Will she be able to get a job, will she be able to go to college, will she be able to make enough to survive or will she struggle too.
  • I worry about her future.But, Being and staying positive.+5
  • i don't have kids yet but when i have them i just hope that they can find some way to be happy.
  • That he'll never know me.
  • It's my grandkids I worry about. My kids are all out of the nest and flying strongly. My Grandkids know that there is always a perch with Nan and Grandad as my kids have always known, it really is frustrating that you can do so little. But fortunately with one or two little hesitant homecomings the kids flew beautifully, although they still know theres always a roost here.
  • That they will perhaps need to worry more for their children re the condition of our Earth caused from the damage of its past neglect ...
  • Currently in my country they are lowering the standards in school just too much. It feels as if they are making our kids dummer instead of learning harder. No more spelltests, no more must read books, ext. I try and do some extra things but still, to have a good life after school they need a good education....

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