• That I don't have a fighting chance. Everything is done behind my back. Every damn thing is a secret and I'm really, really sick of it.
    • Linda Joy
      I'm so sorry! I wish you could just not care. But that's easier said than done. Praying for you.
  • i have a bad knee that my doctor messed up during surgery, you can pray about that if you want
    • Linda Joy
      I pray for your knee and a job for you And will continue to do so.
    • pearllederman
    • Linda Joy
      I just wish there was more I could do to help.
  • 9-30-2017 My ears have been itching for thirty years. Doctors don't know anything about ears. Twenty five years ago I went to one and he gave me vinegar to put in my ears and scolded me for scratching. The only thing they have learned since then is that a mixture of vinegar and alcohol works better for viruses.
    • Linda Joy
      usually when I itch it's because of dry skin It seems to me vinegar and alcohol would make that worse. I'd be more likely to use lotion or oil. And coconut oil is antibiotic. That would be my choice. I've also heard from others that doctors don't know much about ears. Praying for your ears.
  • It pains me most when people go online to vent their anguish and frustrations.
    • Linda Joy
      It seems odd to me, then, that you would even click on this question to look at it. But then you do like to criticize and complain so I guess it's no surprise. Hmm... I guess now I'm thankful that I post so many questions for you to complain about since you enjoy it so much. LOL Should I pray for more things for you to complain about? Or do you find plenty as it is? LOL

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