• You just do it. Its not illegal. When they make the birth certificate, you can tell them what you want on it.
  • My parents weren't married when they registered me, it doesn't mean I had to take my mother's name. If your name is 'Jane Smith' and your partner's name is 'Jack Brown', you could call your child 'Sue Miller'. Your child can have a completely random surname, at least in the UK that is allowed. Even when some women get married, they keep their own surname and give the child their father's surname. So, to do it, you just go register your child, and where it says 'surname', you write your partner's surname.
  • To put his name on the birth certificate, you'll have to establish paternity. This can be done two ways. Either he signs an affadavit when the child is born acknoweldging paternity, or you can have a DNA test performed to determine whether or not he is the father. As for the last name, you can name your child anything you want as long as you're not trying to defraud anyone (i.e. naming your child Donald Trump Jr.).
  • UK ANSWER The previous answer by Carmella is correct for the UK at original registration. As you have stated that you wish for your childs father to be 'added' to the birth certificate, (if you are in the UK) you are able to re-register the birth entry to include the birth fathers details

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