• well for me it's easy ..but of ppl that i know it's hard becuz they feel it's easier to be bad than good so it's a struggle.
  • I don't think it is. When you know you are doing the right thing, it's easy to do it. Sometimes knowing is the problem.
  • Being all things to all people is impossible.Die trying
  • because peoples definitions of being bad is all the fun stuff, and even though you enjoy it as much as any other person you still know the social stipulations attached to that. therefore those bad things seen socially as "dirty" are actually the things every single person does behind closed doors while snickering at how naughty they are.
  • Sometimes being bad can be so much fun! But it really isn't THAT hard to be good.
  • It would be Heaven on Earth if everybody was 100% good. It's hard to be good because that's how humans brains are wired. We can never fully be good.
  • Good is difficult. Bad is easy. That's a nutshell.
  • i try to be good but my naughty mind gets in the way :-) +5
  • Because it's so good to be hard. =D
  • The challenge is not being good when you find it easy to be good. For example if I find it easy to be friendly, then it is easy to be friendly. No, the challenge is to be good at the things you find it difficult to be good at. For example I may be friendly, but I may lack patience. So it is difficult to be patient. Why is it difficult to be patient? Because I am naturally impatient. How do I learn to be less impatient or more patient? By recognising, over time, when I am impatient and consciously choosing to be more patient. Some habits take years to improve; you may still have a tendency to be impatient, but you will become less impatient. And so it continues. Silly example, but if you spend your whole life speaking English, you will find it very hard to become fluent in Spanish, like a native Spaniard, and you will find it impossible to forget the English. Same with being good. It is good you have recognised it is hard; forgive yourself and continue to improve. Hope this helps.
  • I'am a `FIRM` believer in being good,,,? no matter how HARD it is,,,,
  • But So so good to be HARD ;-) But I bet this isn't a new answer. +pts
  • Under my definition of good it is not hard.
  • because Satan is alive and well. He brought sin into this world and it takes a lot of Godly love and heart to fight him and live like Jesus.
  • It's so difficult because, in order to be Good or "Healthy" we have to give up who we are. All of the Badness we have gives us a feeling of life, of identity. Who would we be without this Badness? That's the question we'll always ask. And as long as we need to keep being who we are, being Good will always be difficult.
  • Because evil always looks so much more attractive in your mind. Like throttling Paris Hilton.
  • Because being bad is so easy and gets us what we want
  • good is overrated
  • I don't think it's necessarily hard, so much as 'harder' than just ignoring something. Say there's an blond elderly man trying to cross the street but the light is about to change, I think for a lot of people it's easier to just walk on and say 'the drivers will see him, it is the city, after all' than to walk back and give the man a hand. I think that we're more selfish and lazy than anything else.
  • It isn't. Make it part of your philosophy and it will simply be how you live.
  • The other way around is.
  • Because if feels so good to be BAD!
  • because being bad is so much fun and feels so good.
  • It's not always that hard, but sometimes life demands more than we can give and we just can't do it. +5
  • Because the wrong stuff is more fun.

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