• not sure why they cant, i think they can
  • We have many words used to distinguish between levels of competency or ability: experts, masters, leaders, champions and so forth. They may overlap, but do not always exclude each other. A master craftsman may create a more durable chair, but Ikea may be the leader in worldwide chair sales.
  • Because you could be the best golfer but a terrible husband i.e Tiger Woods. Or you could be a good artist but not the best statesman i.e Adolf Hitler.
  • Because they don't mean the same thing. You can be good at something without being THE BEST at it. Many people can be good at something but only one can be the best.
  • Just because you're good, doesn't mean you're the best. Everyone can be good in a race, but only the best gets the trophy. Or at least that's the way it used to be.
  • Because they don't mean the same thing...?

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