• I am a very positive/optimistic person Mensan and my natural state of being is to expect good things all the time. As for one specific time when I was overwhelmed by such feeling...probably when I gave birth would be as close to that as I can ever remember! Happy Saturday to you! :)
  • Really! Oh I hope somehow Obama's gonna get impeached and that's the wonderfulness you are feeling inside you! .... ..... ...... ....... ........ .......... troll away libs
  • Well, I like that idea... hope you're right. :)
  • When I stay in contact with "God", I can experience that, maybe a little less "something in particular's gonna happen soon" and a little more generalized bliss. At least until I drop something on my toe. ;)
  • Hmm, I've had a great feeling this last week, too. I personally think everyone has shifted into high gear after lazing about all summer and not achieving much, using the excuse of the recession to justify their lack of action. Now I'm piled up with consulting work, and every job is a RUSH. I need to work all weekend. My corporate coffers are doing well. That's very self-satisfying.
  • Quite often... not so often that I base my life around my dreams, but often enough that I’ve Manifest winning the lottering . Sometime in my mind I’ve already won it. We can all share it Mensan!:--)+5
  • Yes sometimes I do....I wish something wonderful to happen to you Mensan like your premonition. Have a nice weekend.
  • At least it happened to YOU already: The title of a Guru! Congratulations, Mensan! Seems to me you are a Prophet also. We all can use wonderfulness - I am prepared.....
  • I get that whenever I look up the lottery results and then reality hits home again, Congrats again on making Guru your Guruness,Knocks head on floor. ( Ow that hurts)
  • I'm not sure that I have... But I certainly hope you are right! I could use a little spectacularness!
  • Mensan I hope you're right!!! I did have a feeling that hubby was going to win right before he won his big screen t.v.
  • Yes I have. It's like snorting uncut optimism, it goes straight to the pleasure center in your brain!
  • It's been years since I've felt that. It always came true, but was very short-lived. If I don't get some joy in my life soon, I'm just existing.

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