• One reason: Sometimes a woman gets herself into a situation because of a man, but it was her own actions that led her to the problems. Then, it is easier for this woman to use the man as an excuse for why she is going through all the agony. (In other words, it's not always the man's fault!) In other cases, it IS the man's fault...LOL =P
  • The same reason that some men blame women for all their problems ... They don't want to be adult enough to accept adn take responsability for their own actions .... +5
  • Sometimes a woman feels frustrated that the man just doesn't understand how she feels.
  • Who else is their to blame?
  • Maybe some men are to blame :-)
  • The same reason men blame women for their problems...inability to accpet that THEY are the problem.
  • because men are the reason some of them have problems.
  • Because they are weak
  • Because we are such easy targets
  • there are so many answers to this: maybe they have to blame someone (scapegoat) maybe he IS the cause of her problem (lying, cheating, abuse, etc) maybe she was abandoned by her father and used sexually by men and cant see anything further from them maybe the father of her child abandoned them and that is the problem point is...SOME people just blame others to avoid responsibilty. Others may blame the true root of the problem.
  • Because some men are to blame; just like WOMEN!!!!!
  • Because they want to play the victim. They also cant control their own lives, and feel the need to not own up to their mistakes!
  • Because they don't have a dog to blame it on.
  • The same reason that anyone would blame anything on someone else. Because they are too scared to admit that they are responsible for things in their lives and if they can blame their problems on other people then they don't have to feel guilty or even try to fix it. It's called denial and ignorance.
  • because some women cant accept their own failure.
  • Their just blowing off steam, why not let them?
  • The same reason some men blame woman for their problems.
  • They don't want to blame themselves
  • Sometimes, men ARE the root of the problem, and women rightly blame them. Other times, women blame men because they can't accept, or don't realize, that they themselves are the root of their problems. It's the same for men blaming women. Sometimes the person doing the blaming is right, and sometimes they are not.
  • Because we can!
  • Because they get in the way of our problems and we need to relieve our stress. It's easier to blame. So we blame whomever is there at the moment and that just so happens to be men...most of the time :p
  • You know alot of people blame people from men, women, fathers, mothers, friends as the reason their life is being destroyed but you know what there is NO SUCH THING as someone being the root of your problem. Only you can be the root of your problem. BEcause if you constantly surrond yourself with people who create havoic in your life its you not them because you allow them to do it. For years I blamed my mother for this and that until I corrected the problem of her abusing my trust and manipulating me for her gain. You have to elminate your faults first before you can elimnate those who are destroying you because if you don't elimate your trangression then you will always replace more losers with losers and use new people as scape goats to your problem
  • I don't think women blame men generally for their problems. Women are very aware of the way men see them in life and some are treated quite badly by men. Men largely control the media (which often portrays women in a fashion that women are fed up with), often dish up sexual remarks etc in the workplace, can be a source of anxiety when walking out at night (because you just don't know what might happen), earn more money and advance in their careers further because they didn't raise the kids and frequently have a wandering eye. If a woman experiences any of these things she can't pretend men and their position in society have nothing to do with her problems. Maybe women shouldn't blame men per se but instead focus on the injustice found in society regarding gender instead. I for one look for the good in individual men (and more often that not find it)and do not blame them for my own problems. But at the same time I am very aware of injustices that frame our interactions and blame this for some problems I may encounter.

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