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  • Not to be offensive, but you have a sex addiction. you should seek help. If it's the only thing you think of all day, it truely is a problem.
  • I'm right there with you. I love stroking, but it doesn't keep me from wanting to *&^@ my wife's brains out. I just can't seem to get enough.
  • Hey guy ... I am exactly the same. I jack off 3-4 times a day and fuck my wife in pussy and ass (and get BJ's) usually twice a day. I wouldnt say I cant get my dick out of my mind, but I would say my dick gets used a lot! If it isn't screwing up your life (e.g. going to prostitutes, etc) - then keep it up. What the fuck! Who cares! I have looked around for ways to reduce my libido but have no plans.
  • WOW! we got a club here... I jack off several times a day and with the wife having her own business sometimes I just go over there for a Quickie and be done with it, or an erotic phone call works ok but is not a replacement for her sofy puss grabbin me!
  • Well am I pleased to read this! I thought I was alone as I too wank,spank and yank at least 5 or 6 times a day! I need to feel that buzz as soon as I wake,then mid-morning to keep up the energy,a couple of times in the afternoon,then finally a good pull early evening to terminate my day at 2am with a big squirt. Sadly my lady thinks I'm ill and doesn't seem to have any interest in my activities.She is suprised when we have been fucking for an hour or two,that I still need to masturbate-I would love to have a wife that sucks and fucks me all day! You're a lucky bastard,believe me!
  • If you are pleasing your wife and you aren't going outside of your marriage play with it all you want, it is yours!
  • If you haven't resorted to cheating and your life is stable/fine, then it's fine. I personally masturbate at least 2x a day, usually a lot more. It's not uncommon for me to masturbate 6+ a day but it doesn't interfere with my life. I still talk and meet with people, I still go to school, I still find time to run errands, I still find time to eat, etc. I just happen to masturbate a lot because it feels good and because I have a high sex drive.

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