• I can only overcome being ticklish on the bottom of my feet.
  • If, by mental power, you include self-hypnosis, then most of us can achieve this -- but laughing is good for the soul (if not for the sole - groan!), so keep up the giggling ~
  • I can, but only for a very small period of time, then the tickling will overcome any sense of will power I have.
  • if im in a serious no-kidding mode, then i wont be ticklish.
  • I WISH I could.... unfortunately I can't... I can for like 30 secs.... but that is more controlling laughter and spasms...
  • Ticklishness is caused by muscle tension so it doesn't seem to me to be a "will power" thing at all...That's like asking if you can overcome exhaustion with will power. I suppose if the tension was caused by trust issues then using will power to overcome the lack of trust might work. I am a massage therapist and we will often massage parts of the body that are not ticklish first to relax the client. You can't tickle yourself so another way to avoid tickling is to have the client touch and hold that area while you work there. Works every time.
  • i can. i trained myself when i was a kid and it stuck.
  • "Mental" and "will power" are two different things.
  • Not sure how he does it but once you tickle my husband somewhere, then go back for a quick repeat and he already isn't ticklish there anymore. You have to wait hours and hours before trying again.

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