• There are tons of good girls out there, although I'll be the first to admit there are tons of bitches out there as well. You just need to keep looking. Girls have the same problem when looking for a suitable man. You can't rush true love, it will come to you soon enough though.
  • Sounds like you are much too idealistic thinking in terms of your true love. You can't just sit around and expect to have someone do it all for you. You need to have a life that satisfies you and which you enjoy and do well at. Then you will attract all kinds of loves. You should not wait for a "true love" to give you a life.
  • I don't think you should just keep looking or that you are too idealistic. You should be picky. But there is something most guys don't tend to do. That is a simple thing, don't listen and think about sex too much. My boyfriend confessed to me he was on this article ( - GOOD LOVERS SECRETS) month after we got together. And guess what. I thought there is something wrong, he wasn't like he used to be. He was more caring, he was falling in love, and wasn't so sure what happened. He was falling for me. After four months he explained he went on the post and found some interesting things there and found out what he want, how he want's it and so on... bla bla bla Hope this helps!
  • And alas, i think the same thing about a man. I can't find my true love.

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