• Many folks have done so. Country singer Loretta Lynn met and married her first boyfriend at age 13, and bore him 5 kids, before she turned 19 (in Kentucky's coal-mining region). She stayed married to him until he passed away. +5
  • heck yea, they wouldnt know what the were missing out on, which is the downside too!! lol
  • Some people can make it work.
  • yes, thousands of happy couples around me can't be wrong. It totally depends upon different individuals!
  • It's certainly possible, but not many people do that anymore. The downside is that if we idealize first love experiences too much, then young people might stay with someone who's not good for them because he/she is their first love.
  • depends what values your brought up with
  • yes...its been done many times down through the ages....
  • Yes, my aunt and uncle met in high school and now they've been married and have 2 kids. They're happily married.
  • It could happen. But the chances are the couple are going to divorce. I have seen it happen many times. One or both will be curious to play the field after a few years.
  • Funny you should ask. No. Iy stunts you. I know that if I married someone I met as a young teenager I would likely cheat on them. I believe most people would. How can you be truly happy in your relationship if you do not know what it's like to experience a new person?
  • I don't just believe it, I know it. I've known many couples like that. My neighbors where I lived before I got married had married when they were 14 and 19. They are still married and still completely in love, although they are probably well into their seventies now. My neighbors now were married when they were 17 and 19 and dealing with an accidental pregnancy. They just celebrated their 20th anniversary and that accidental pregnancy is a sophomore in college. One of my dearest friends had only one boyfriend on college and she was his only girlfriend ever. They married as soon as they graduated and are not far from celebrating their silver wedding anniversary. Marriage doesn't depend on how much or how little experience you have, how old or how young you are, how much or how little money or education you have. A good marriage depends on how considerate and self-sacrificing you both are, how responsible you both are, and whether or not you both have good manners.
  • yes there are lots of them that they have married with thier first boyfriend/girlfriend.
  • I believe so, I know I am one of those people who have stayed with their first boyfriend. :) It just takes a lot of trust, loyalty, and honesty. It really also has to do with the way we were raised as well. We grew up in houses that had very high morals about relationships and that "messing around" isn't ok. I believe that even now, not just because of my parents drilling that into my head, but because I have seen what all those things do to people. Most of my friends cannot hold up a relationship for long because they get "bored" or don't know how to settle arguments, or just because they think it's ok to cheat on each other and take "breaks". I really think that what you do in even a dating relationship really reflects the kind of marriage you may have in the future. Those who can't stay with one person for long because it bores them or they want someone else are the ones who are more than likely to divorce. These are just my opinions though. Thankfully I have been able to stay with my first since my junior year in HS and we have been very happy with each other and will hopefully be getting married in a couple of years once we finish college
  • I did this very thing, I screwed around alot, but never considered any of them my girlfriend, they never considered me their boyfriend, then I met "the one", we have been together for 10 years, have 5 kids.
  • It's possible, but it's not for everyone. Plus most people are too imature to realize what real love is at an early age or what it takes to sustain a relationship.
  • It can happen, in my case I'm glad it didn't :)
  • yup ... out of group of 5 close friends in high school, 3 are married to their high school sweethearts still and very happy after nearly 20 years now ...
  • Yes. My grandpaernts did it.
  • Of course!
  • I believe you can. and as soon as i find my 1st boyfriend we are going to get marry

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