• Again, not a man but again I can answer anyway. When you wake up and open the door and she is standing there waiting for you to open up.
  • Not sure, I like a pretty aggresive girl, give me some examples.
  • Forging my signature on a pre-nuptial agreement is just...well, it's just not appropriate on the first date.
  • I don't really know, besides the obvious stuff (I don't want to pee on anyone or be peed on lol). It's on of those things that you react to when it actually happens. I had a chick just grab my manhood and lick my face in a bar, that was too forward. I was flattered by her compliments, but I don't want an STD lol.
  • Explicit groping or vulgarity in public would be it. In private that's a different story. :)
  • A girl asked me to have a baby with her on the first night we met.....that was a no-no.....
  • The only thing that's too forward for me is if she starts getting abusive or cross. Anybody that responds to refusal with violence is taking it too far. Other than that, anything goes for me.
  • There are some girls where the men assumed that the girl will responsive when they take them out ,but later the men come to know that she has her own reservetion in her life and the man is turned off .
  • Only when she sounded like a psycho that would do harm to me if I even looked at another woman.
  • When I just get back from Barnes and Noble and sit down to start reading my new purchase. She walks in and says,"Oh, that's a great book. I was so surprised that the wife's sister did it".
  • Well, for example!! I'm trying to watch the Rugby on the big screen down my local, with a couple of friends!! this woman puts herself on my knee, Arms akimbo rubbing herself up & down my leg!! :-/ dam near spilled me beer!! :-/
  • There was a time in my youth when I would have said "nothing"...but in actuality, there WERE things which would have been too forward for me even then! Without naming specifics, I'd say that things which would have been too forward would have been behavior which came across as needy, desperate, or psycho. :):):)
  • After a random sexual rendevous, she wants you to meet her entire family at this weekend's Memorial Day cookout (happened to me once). ;)
  • i think when they start talking about being in a serious relationship esp when you dont know each other very well.
  • Never, but I wish one would try :)
  • Licking of the ears!! In your defence Ladies only one of you has ever done this to me.. But i think it actually made me Gag at the time! Lol
  • No such thing in general. But even girls gotta know when "no" is serious. +5

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