• That's funny.You must have amused and confused like I would have. :) +5
  • The ones who REALLY need the help will accept goods like gas or food.
  • I guess he wanted you to fart in his direction then. Some people are quite strange.
  • I know how you felt. I was on my lunch break once, there was a man standing near the restaurant with a sign, "Help need money for rent". So I gave him 10 bucks, and after I was done with lunch, I saw the same man walking out the liquor store with a 40oz and a pack cig.
  • I can imagine, and welcome to the world of those burned by the panhandlers. Those who hold up signs that they will work for food (or gas or whatever) generally shun offers of food or gas. Cash is more easily convertible to booze, cigs, or drugs. Help is available from public and private sources, for those who genuinely want to make the sacrifices to help themselves.
  • Offer him a job doing your most demeaning house labor, then take him to the greasiest taco joint you can find saying "that's sure to give you gas"
  • Maybe he wanted to work for a plate of beans. "for gas"
  • I know EXACTLY how you feel. Many are the fools who turned around and gave them the money anyways. I've offered to help those who said they were hungry, and got them some food. They tried to renege, but hey, I took them at their word. So it was either what they said they wanted or nothing. After all, it's my money I'm giving up.
  • I find it difficult to give to people holding signs for just that sort of thing. I gave a guy $20 at a New York airport who told me he needed to pay a tow truck. Six months later when I returned he asked me for the same help.
  • I had a woman hit me up on a bus once for money. I gave her $2 (this was 15 years ago) and she looked at me and said, well the Big Mac costs $3.50. I couldn't even get mad, it was so hilarious. I gave her the extra cash.
  • I think it was a pun. He Wanted you to cook for him. That would give him the "gas" he needed.
  • There is a guy on my block that has a sign that says "Keeping it real. Need money for weed." He does ok +5 Maybe he was talking about another kind of gas lol.
  • Im sorry but STOP HELPING THESE PEOPLE!!!!! It is a scam!!! Come on now people...i thought you guys were smarter then that!
  • Know how you feel ... We used to have a guy who always stood around with rageddy clothes and a sign about working for food ; BUT usually got CASH without doing ANY work as he'd have an excuse about his back , hurt his hand etc ... We all found out that he drove a NEW Tahoe and parked about TWO blocks from where he panhandled ... Further investigation showed that he lived in a $135,000 home etc .. and averaged $300 a DAY !!! I do NOT give to ANY panhandlers anymore ... +5
  • Similar thig happened to me once. There was a guy begging rite where i was about to sit down to lunch. He was asking everyone for change for something to eat. I walked over put put my hand and said come with me ill buy you luch n we'll have a nice afternoon hey. He looked at me and said just give me the money ey. Obviouly it wasnt food he wanted it for, i was so offended. hate when kindness gets thrown in your face. grrr
  • attention getter.....created the conversation.....tryed to take you.....hopefully you shut that bastard down...i definately understand yor frustration.

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