• Yeah I've been told I'm the better looking Fabio.
  • I probably do, but I don't have a general issue face, so they're probably hard to find. : )
  • Yes a cousin in Savannah. Never met him though.
  • No and no.
  • Yes I do believe we each have a twin somewhere in the world, and no I haven't been told that. I do feel if we were ever to meet, though, there would be a complete breakdown of space/time.
  • My husband is a truck driver, a few months ago he stumbled into mine in a truck repair shop in TX. We didn't look identical but we have the same 1st name, interests and have birthdays in the same month. She had the same color hair as me but reversed (I had my hair done red with blonde highlights, hers was blonde with red highlights.)
  • Yes, I get people coming up to me asking if my name is Linda, all the time, I look just like her. I have also seen my ex husbands twin, even my boys though it was him.
  • Still to this day I have someone out there. Last count would be about 25 of the other "me's" out there. I am every where! lol +5 Even Spicy Hot here on AB said I looked like one of her friends where she lives.
  • +5 yes i was told the woman my ex left me for was my twin , talk about a dbl slap .
  • I missed my twin by about 15 min back east at my cousins school function. Was just there on a visit. Didn't know anyone but my cousin at the school, was very shy. Kids kept talking to me like they knew me, I just thought they were a real friendly bunch of kids. Of course I was to shy to say anything to anyone. Went to the restroom and some girls cornered me in there and demanded to know what my problem was. Why was I being so unfriendly and on and on. Finally I told them who I was.........really. We were all shocked when they told me this other girl was my twin. They tried to find her and discovered she left around 15 mi before I arrived. Dang Always wondered about her. Wish I could remember her name. It's bugged me for years.
  • Yes and yes.
  • I don't think so, I think they can look really similar but there is always something that can tell them apart, they have showed me ppl that supposedly look just like me, and I don't think they do, I look at my self in the mirror a lot to know if the guy looks like me or not.
  • I don't think so but yes, I've been told from my collegues that I look identical to a boy and they asked if he was my brother but after then they found that there is a difference .so I don't think that there are two of every person as you know every person has a unique fingerprint which means every one has aunique shape.
  • There's a guy in my town who looks just like me! we often go to the same pub! he's a year older than me so there's no connection, the resemblance is very uncanny though, same build, same hair, beard!! we often get mistaken for each other, me once by his own wife!! Lol.. now that was awkward!! :-/ maybe my Dad was a bit of a lad after all!! :-/
  • i'm not sure if i believe in the twin thing. but apparently there's a girl in my city who looks just like me. my sister-in-law chased her down at the mall once thinking it was me. haha. and one of my good friends was mad at me for ignoring them when they tried to talk to me at some party.... but i was never at that party. it's weirddd. lol.
  • Yes, I believe it. There was an issue of Play Boy that caused me a problem when it came out. The woman in it really did look just like me. It was almost spooky. Just the face, her body was very different from mine. The only real difference in our faces was that I have blue eyes and her were brown.
  • Yeah Dolly Parton! Just kidden! I have been told I like like a few people but so far no one that I can say is an actual Twin...
  • I had one person tell me I looked identical to her daughter! This was while vacationing so I didn't get a chance to find out.
  • If I have a twin he is one lucky dude!

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