• I've never said that gods don't exist. I say that I personally don't believe they do.  
  • Oh and like, if anyone thinks I'm trying to be offensive here well...I'm an atheist.
  • I'm a Christian, & I don't find it offensive when an atheist denies the existence of God. Everyone has a right to their opinion. I disagree, but believe they have the right to believe whatever they choose.
  • I'm all like "Man you ain't neva played Luigi's Mansion"?
  • I'm still open to verifiable evidence of God and ghosts. Got proof?
  • It doesn't bother me in the least...just as it shouldn't bother them that I believe in the existence of both. Who am I to expect/demand anyone believe as I do?
  • Belife in god and ghosts are not the same thing. Some religious people don't believe in ghosts. Some atheists do. People who believe in neither, I would guess, are more likely to be rational people so I wouldn't really feel any particular way. Same goes for Easter Bunny, Fairy Godmother, Anus Probing Aliens... +5
  • It doesn't bother me. I don't believe in anything supernatural, because I haven't seen any reason to. Just keep in mind that simply because we cannot explain it, that doesn't mean there is no explanation. There is no need to concoct a supernatural explanation.
  • If people do or don't believe in ghosts, etc. that's up to them. I respect anyone who states their beliefs, as long as they don't, in the process, call someone else ignorant, delusional, etc. - which some people do.
  • no such thing as ghosts :P
  • It would still irk those believers in 'Holy Ghost' & 'spirit of Jesus'!
  • Good question but theists probably will equate things like ghosts with tooth fairies and not necessarily related directly to God. +4
  • I don't mind if someone doesn't believe in the same things I do. What I don't like is risking sharing something I believe in order to help someone, then some a$$hole comes along and bellows like a moose in heat about what an idiot I am. I'm thinking, what's the point of THAT? +5
  • This isn't answer (because I'm atheist so can't) but I thought I'd throw a fact into the mix. More people admit to believing in ghosts than God in the UK. I don't remember the exact stat, but its something like 25% more.
  • To me, a belief in God, in psychic powers, in ghosts and spirits, in visiting extraterrestrials, in ouija boards and all the other paraphanalia belongs in the middle ages.
  • I suppose if I believed in one I would not see the stretch in accepting the other and the same with discounting either. In both examples of ghosts and God it would be a faith, a belief in the unseen, the supernatural. Feel the same - indifferent. +5
  • Atheists only believe in what can be scientifically proven. +5 Chainsaw

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