• My ex asked me if I could take the cats back, especially as I live in the same state as his ex friends and he lives 3000 miles away. The only problem is that I now own a cat that has Feline Herpes Virus, which is very contagious among cats. My long lost boys Manny and Pedro are a bit older (about 6 years old) and I fear that if they were to go to a shelter, they would end up being euthanized. If I bring them home, they will catch what my cat has, and my cat's illness could become active again in her as well, resulting in 3 very sick kitties who will need vet care to survive. I do not have anyone else that can take them in. What should I do?
  • I'd personally go get them. Yes. You run the risk of vet bills.. but how would you feel with your cats going to a shelter with the possibility of death?
  • I personally would try to run ads and stuff, some people really have a heart for stuff like that. If you lived in Florida I would take them. But I have a huge heart for animals. But if you have exhausted all resources its a choice between herpes and death. I would probably take the chances with the illness. But just make sure you are prepared financially for any bills,etc. Or you could also take them to a humane society that is no kill. I have adopted a cat from there when she was five. But just look around. Good luck !

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