• They usually give an approximate time - no doctor can be totally certain. I would expect that they're obliged to tell you.
  • Not only are they allowed to tell you, ethics requires them to. It would be gross negligence, not letting someone know they are dying, or not telling them the normal progression of the disease. Ballpark figures are allowed. Disease progression is on a case by case basis. +5
  • I am sorry about your uncle and most doctors will give an approximate time of when to expect to die just as they tell when a baby is to be born
  • I think most people having been told they are dying will ask the doctor for their best guess on how long they have left. And that is all they can give them, a guess. My sympathies to you and your uncle.
  • Of course they have the right to tell you that because you have the right to know. If I had lung cancer or any other life threatening illness, I would want to know how much time I have left. Of course doctors have been wrong before, but usually they're right. I wish your uncle the best.
  • I believe they are allowed to tell you how long they think you have to live. Unfortunately, they are not allowed to recommend realistic cures for cancer. The best cancer cures are in natural medicine, and a doctor can lose his license if he claims that natural remedies cure cancer, even if he is right. I would look into DCA. It seems to be a very good approach to beating cancer. Here is a link.
  • might be something YOU want to know, looking for a law suit your pissing up a rope
  • They must because they sure do it in cancer cases.
  • They do that so you can get your affairs in order, I'm sure they didn't say he had exactly one year, it probably could fluctuate either way...Sorry to hear that!
  • thanks for all your answers ..... Maybe im being silly but i dont see how they can know you have a year? if someone told me i had a year to live and i lived 5 years after that i would be cross?? Sorry im just cross i think....

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