• Its a commitment to each other to be partners in life. To be married is to have chosen each other to be with.
  • it's only sacred if it's religious
  • sure logic. two is company three is a crowd. two can show their love and devotion and trust. a third person or 4th can divide the group and there will taking of sides, jealousy and not too mention the sleeping arrangements and who is getting more.
  • Marriage as an institution is for the taming of the rogue animal in humans. The social structure and civilizations depend on marriage for their integrity and advancement. Monogamous marriages alone could ensure these.
  • Yeah, the cost. I know how much a dinner out with my wife is...I can't afford two of those. And just think of the SHOES!! They would need one entire room built onto the back of the house just for their shoes!
  • just to prove your love for one another
  • Beacause you love each other. I have been married 23 years and have found no reason to stray. Sanctity and everything else aside it really is truely about commitment hurtzsogood
  • Yes! Emotional ones.Like Love,trust,dependablity.And practical.So the children know who their fathers are.A person becomes more special the longer you are together,if you can stay together.Which usually takes monogammy.And a special, trusting relationship is sacred,religious or not.IMHO
  • What about psychological ones? I am a lot more stable having had a dad AND mom that at least at one time loved each other and there is something to be said for sticking with what we know works and quitting with all the social experimentation.
  • Sure, tons.
  • You set up the answer with the question. "Sacred" is a completely religious concept. If you were going to ask that question leaving out that word, then there are many practical reasons both for and against monogamy, and you could have a debate to argue the merits pro or con. But the word "sacred" in your Q means that the literal answer to your Q is "no".
  • Marriage should be whatever the people involved want it to be and nothign more.
  • A stable, loving home is far better for our children. Stable marriages build strong families and family helps us weather life's toughest times. And finally, growing old alone and lonely sucks!
  • No. "Sacred" is a religious concept. If people aren't religious, marriage is just a legal contract but not a "sacred" one. The marriage license says nothing about monogamy.
  • Its the backbone of a productive civilization. Without the family structure, civiliation will crumble.
  • Sacred? No, no way. It's a take or leave it cultural tradition.
  • Apart from religion, marriage is merely a social convention, so you have a good point. If society as a whole were to find the kinds of marriage you mention acceptable, than there is no compelling reason to bar it as a social institution. +5
  • Monogamy lessens the chances of STD's and of course that is a logical reason to choose monogamy but no I do not see it as scared. Funny seeing people commenting that without monogamy civilization would crumble. It's almost as if they believe the neo-Christian model of one man one woman is the only way good people ever raise children or live cooperatively. We hear again and again that this is the way God wants it but that ignores even biblical examples of marriage and some Christians who believe in multiple marriage as well. They would have us all believe there is only one right and acceptable model that includes one man one woman and their offspring and ignore all the rest.
  • Marriage is the #1 reason for divorce. If we get rid of that archaic institution, there would be no more divorces.
  • Marriage is not the same as a friendship or a casual relationship. It is a special relationship that deserves special treatment so extra-ordinary commitments, compromises and sacrifices are made. It loses it's specialness if it is not monogamous. It becomes just another relationship not worth giving your all or putting yourself out about.
  • without religion, nothing can be sacred
  • Not in modern times.

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