• It's not that I look up to them . . . it's that I admire their luck.
  • i have often seen people married for a long time but not a single reason to envy them (they fight all the time) :D i look up to perfect marriage. lol
  • Not really. Good for them. But I am a person who really doesn't care if I ever get married or not. With today's stats the chances are slimming down to a marriage that is not so long. :) +3
  • I look up to people who have been happily married for a long time. And especially to those marriages where couples seem to be the best of friends. In terms of a personal life, I can't imagine aspiring to anything better. Nothing warms my heart more than seeing an older couple who still kiss, hold hands and have that very special look in their eyes that's only there when they look at each other;)
  • its admirable, these days, but not something i look up to, per se. I do know a few couples with 20+ years together.
  • Not up to... but incredibly envious... there is nothing more enduring than love, nothing more exquisite and painful at once, than love. When two people recognize, experience and understand that, and remain in love... I can't imagine anything better.
  • I wouldn't say I look up to them, but I admire them and am happy for them
  • yes,no marrige is perfect and they have obviously worked at it +5
  • Not. . . . . . . .necessarily! I've known a LOT of people who have been married OVER 50yrs. and they HATE each other! They're just USED to each other and the familiarity of their company! So. . . . .they stay together for those reasons ALONE! No! I look up to people who have a "healthy" marriage replete with happiness!
  • Well, actually I look up and down at them just wondering in my head: "Damn guys! You've been with the same p***y and the same d**k for 50 f****ng years? How the f**k you do that?"
  • I look up to people not who have been married a long time but to those who have been together a long time and are happy.
  • yes i look up to people who have been happy in there marriage for yrs.
  • instead of looking up to people who have been married a long time, I respect parents who have become grandparents...
  • You really have to they have been through so much together and are examples that their is someone special for you.
  • No. Some of them are not in happy loving relationships just because they've been together a long time.
  • sometimes

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