• There's still hope for President Pence.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      Hope? Sure. Likely? No.
  • I thought Hillary was living off in the woods somewhere. Or maybe under a bridge. lol.
  • Maybe you need to put out that cigar and get yourself back into real work. Academics are about the theoretical and possibilities. It makes little difference to their work who wins and who loses. But they would not be doing their job if they were not working at algorithms and scenario's which could predict and plan who could win, lose and how. It's what they are paid to do.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      So, Harvard Law School is paying people to imagine scenarios in which Hillary can still be President? Wow. No wonder nobody can afford to go to college anymore.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      Sounds like some money well spent.
  • Yes. Most all from both parties are beholden to the "Corporatocracy" This is where pure capitalism fails. Representation for sale=failed democracy
    • Hardcore Conservative
      Any politicians that are up for sale equals a failed government. Any type.

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