• No no loose teeth and I have never had a cavity.
  • No my teeth are firmly in place.
  • I broke two a week or so ago. I have them fixed temporarily until next week. One is loose but it will be fixed on Tuesday.
  • No, but I have a chipped one. +5
  • Hey Iceman...look at this loose tooth.........<immediately spits and hits the Iceman in the forehead with the formally loose tooth>
  • Nope, they're all still firmly in my jaw!
    • Boola Boo
      Must be nice to have a good solid thick jaw. Have an implant on my lower jaw and you can feel the end of the screw part through the skin under my chin.
  • All of them are loose(dentures)...:)
  • No, but I've got a broken one. Bits of it keep falling off from time to time.
  • No. They are all firmly cemented into my plates. I have false teeth.
  • Never had loose tooth. Why are they loose anyway ? I go to the dentist every 6 mths.
  • I had loose at my infant age, but not now. i never visited dentist so far :P
  • Nope, just lots of crooked ones.
  • No loose teeth, and glad I'm not on my last baby tooth, having vaguely watched Tooth Fairy last night... only vaguely tho!
  • Yes, one is loose. I can move it back and forth.
    • Ice man
      Are you going to tie a string around your tooth and the other end to a door handle ? I tried that once ... the problem was that the string was too long and wouldn't tug the tooth when I slammed the door. : )
  • Not anymore.
    • Ice man
      Did ya pull it out with rusty pliers ? Of course I'm joking with you .... but I know an old codger who recently did exactly that as his teeth loosened. His caregiver caught him as he was about to pull the last one. Now he smiles with one front tooth..
    • Linda Joy
      No, my dental care is not covered by the VA so I suffered with toothaches, abscesses and lesions in my mouth from broken teeth for years before I finally lost my home and once I was homeless I was able to get dental care and I'm very thankful for that.
    • Ice man
      It's not funny how that works. It's a shame folks can't get help before they lose everything. : (
    • Linda Joy
      I like to think of it as a valuable learning and strengthening experience. I lost a lot in the fall of 09. But it's experiences such as these that teach us what were truly capable of, the difference between want and need and what's really important. Now I know no matter where I am or what I endure I shall thrive.
    • Linda Joy
      And now I'm rebuilding on word an upward yay
    • Roaring
      What an excellent way of turning around such loss. I was going to rant about the VA coverage.
    • Linda Joy
      I don't rant on the VA. Nothing but respect here! I'd be dead if it weren't for them.
  • As a matter of fact I do. Going to let nature take its' course. Since I changed my diet the sensations calmed quite a bit.
  • No, I don't.

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