• Not yet. Lol :)
    • Ice man
      Do you want Linda's phone number ? (Hehehehe) : )
    • Rick Myres
      She probably would not like my needing her to repeat so much lol :)
  • I've made a prank call and a frank call, but I've never heard of a phrank call.
    • Abha
      Yeah, it's prank.... Mistake !
    • Ice man
      @ Linda - That's the sound you make when you fart in the bathtub !! LOL : )
    • Linda Joy
  • no, i dont do stuff like that, thats rude
  • Oh my, YES !! When I was a youngster my buddies and I use to have fun making prank calls, of course at the time ... Call Display wouldn't be invented for many years to come. Once I called the local Butcher Shop and asked if he had pigs feet. When he said yes ... I told him to put some socks on before somebody saw them ! LOL : )
  • Yep, although not with my mobile phone, but with someone else's. Prank calls can be a fun way to get your friends on a slow and boring day. 🥱
  • Just the once many years ago I made a call at the local pub and I asked the bartender if there is a (whatever name I said at the time) influenced by Bart Simpson when he made calls to Moe in The Simpsons. I would not do those type of calls again because that just causes trouble in reality. I advise you not to do it because your phone number can be traced
  • Probably 2-3 times ever - back before caller ID. No one prank calls people in 2023. Not sure what kids do these days, but, in 2020-2021, it was zoom-bombing. It's like prank calling, but less funny. Last time I was prank called (on the receiving end) was probably 15 years ago, and whoever it was wasn't even creative at all about it.

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