• OMG Take him to a Vet!!! He could be very ill
  • First off you didn't actually ask a question, you provided a summery of your dog's condition I guess. Secondly...this is not an appropriate place for you to seek an answer on a condition of this nature. You need to call your VET stat and get the poor dog in TODAY if you've not done so already. I would suggest that you try to collect any samples you can, such as fecal, urine, and perhaps some of what has been thrown up as well. (the first two are more important.) Your dog could easily have a correctable health issue, but could also easily be dehydrated because you are pussyfooting about, and attempting to depend on people ON Line who can not SEE YOUR DOG, OR RUN ANY APPLICABLE TESTS TO DETERMINE WHAT THE EXACT PROBLEM IS!!!! Take the dog IN, tell the vet, after the dog is seen that you'll have to make a couple of payments if you don't have all the money today...and then follow through! I'm sorry, but this is blatant foolishness.

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