• When their predecessor is beyond reproach?
  • Well, did Obama invade Iraq? Did the financial crisis start Jan 20th, 2009? The things that Presidents do have long term effects, and it can be perfectly reasonable to ascribe effects today to causes more than six months ago.
  • I agree that he needs to "face forward" rather than backward. Allusions to the past as explanation for our current situation are fine, but there's no need to name Bush specifically anymore, and such explanations should generally be dispensed with early in a discussion. The discussion should be focused on the future.
  • When hell freezes over...sorry to be so blunt but that's the truth.
  • Sarah Palin looks like the real deal. She blames nobody except the liberal media, the Hollywood elite, the people who aren't in the REAL America, David Letterman and being a lame duck.
  • This is how politicians operate: they vilify those whom they have replaced mostly in order to help the voters imagine -- that there is any difference between them. On very fundamental levels, there is no difference at all between Bush and Obama. 1. They will attempt to support their friends, both overtly and covertly; 2. They will attempt to vilify, denigrate, mock and harm their perceived enemies, or get their shills to do it for them; 3. They will appoint people to supporting roles who appear to support their nominal policies, and those people will follow their own agenda; 4. They will attempt to take credit for anything perceived as "good" in the news, and blame the party/guy out of favor or out of power as "the problem", "obstructionist", "reactionary" (or "liberal"), but in some or many ways "wrong". This is how they operate. Surely you already know this.
  • We've had such leaders. They were Republicans.
  • Bush guided us in this mess and was glad to leave because he had no clue to get us out.
  • RETRACT Posted a Comment, and it ended up here as an Answer somehow instead.
  • Obama was already leading in an otherwise ethics free zone, even before being elected.
  • Like W didn't blame President Clinton for as long as he could get away with it.
  • Well we sure as hell ain't gonna get one from the Republicans. If things turn out well. Will you be just as quick to sing his praises?

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