• People believe that the world will end in 2012 because that is when the Mayan calendar ends. When you reach the end of your calendar does the world end or do you get a new calendar? The Mayan calendar was carved in stone; there is a limit to how much you can carve into it and how small you can carve. I do not think that there is anything more to it than that.+4
  • No, the Maya who created the calendar were not Christian. The Maya had a very complex, ritualistic, polytheist religion that permeated practically all facets of their lives. Even many of the Maya who are "Christian" are really only nominally so, as they practice a syncretic form of Christianity that is combined with traditional religious beliefs and practices.
  • Original Mayan religion was polytheistic (ie: they had lots of Gods like the ancient Eqyptians for example), and their complex calendar related to the highly ritualised form their religion took. This business of people today thinking it'll all be over in 2012 is simply a matter of ill informed folk jumping on the band wagon and getting apocalyptic for the sake of the fact that hysteria gives power to all religions for obvious psychological reasons. Give someone a doomsday and they'll give you a prayer and a place to bend over, (erm. kneel that is).
  • There is no evidence the Mayans believed the world would end at the end of their calendar.
  • Has this question really been up and still open since 2012 or before?

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