• When I was a tiny tot and dragged off to church (against my will, of course), I would hear the congregation reciting these words: "As it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, WORLD WITHOUT END, Amen." Therefore, I conclude that at least Presbyterian Christians believe that this world will exist forever. +5
  • I say it's bullshit.
  • What scientists have you been listening to? -1 for this bit of false information. . As far as I know, NO scientist has ever been on the '2012 wagon'. . 21 December 2012 is the end date of a long count, or end of a cycle. According to their concept of time, everything runs in cycles. There were other cycles before this one, and there would be others beyond this. There are other things occuring in this time period, but none of them signify the end of the world. Even taken all together, it still doesn't hint at our extinction. Yes, the world will end someday, but it is probably going to be later than sooner. Relax. We will probably have killed ourselves off long before then.
  • If we don't know how, when or if - what is the point in worrying?
  • The world will continue to exist long after we are gone from it. Unless something crazy like a huge comet blows it to bits or we finally make a bomb big enough to do the job ourselves.:)
  • Here in 2017, we laugh at the pitiful 2012 prophecy. Just another "Y2K," nothing to see here folks.

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